Annual Rainfall in India 2016

Rain is an important source of life for all living creatures on land. It is a rich resource of Fresh water. It provides us with the water we drink. Rain water creates numerous positive effects on the environment and ecosystem. Like rest of all nations, Rainfall plays a major role in Indian economy. Even though the monsoon effects throughout the country, the amount of rainfall varies from heavy to scanty based on a location and geographical area. is a dedicatedly build website to detail you with the history of Annual Rainfall in India. The site offers the complete Annual Rainfall Statistics Data of India. You can also browse and find here the yearly and monthly average statistical data of different states and districts in the graphical chart and table format.

The data refers to the average annual rainfall figures from 2011 to 2016. As per the statistics, India has recorded a maximum of 328227.68 mm rainfall in the month of July in 2016. The least amount of rainfall was received in the January month of 2016, which totals just 6917.2 mm. On an average, year 2013 sets the highest precipitation.

Average Rainfall Statistics Data India

YearJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Avg.
2016 6917.29282.0226992.4835512.1683006.94164057.24328227.68244107.94163854.0853973.78111671164294895.04
2015 20307.81588358371.472776.465139.2201214.6258494.4224554.2128994.847398.449091.62090296927.32
2014 21130.827495.230788.221628.489600.4116058.8278500.4254958186610.874566.217150.615845.294527.75
2013 11684.642098.215536.230583.266737.2251028.2320662273919.6145947.2137454.219434.68682110313.93
2012 27167.88817.6848249657.235204.2132477.4269358.8278274.2194124.86497531198.610689.292535.57
2011 7072.623302.821465.841183.459140.6213059.4256522.4297934.6195402.442608.228366.21043599707.78
Avg. 15713.4721146.4726939.3541890.1366471.42179649.27285294.28262291.42169155.6870162.6326068.113032.57  

The above chart contains the data of average rainfall position in India recorded for the past five years. You can view here the monthly rainfall data (in mm) of each year in the chart form. You can also compare the rainfall statistics between the years using the default option. To check the annual rainfall in India of all the year click Show all option. You can traverse between Default | showAll | hideAll as per your convenience.

An average rainfall in India range between 300 to 650 millimetres, that is 11.8 to 25.6 inch, but this varies from region to region. The annual amount of precipitation is an average of historical rainfall data collected over a particular year. Stay updated with the website to know the average yearly rainfall statistics of India. You can also navigate here to view the detailed yearly/monthly rainfall data of all Indian states, districts/cities.