Rainfall in Himachal Pradesh

Rainfall distribution varies according to seasons. The page shows you the statistics of rainfall in Himachal Pradesh. This rainfall stats would be helpful to many farmers in agricultural planning and projects. Annual Average Himachal Pradesh Rainfall Statistics is computed here based on rainfall data spread over the whole state. You can also view here for both monthly/yearly rainfall data.

The data refers to the annual rainfall figures between 2011 to 2016. As per the statistics, Himachal Pradesh has recorded a maximum of 4360.4 mm rainfall in the month of August in 2012. The least amount of rainfall was received in the November month of 2011, which totals just 5.4 mm. On an average, 2013 sets the highest precipitation.

Annual Average Himachal Pradesh Rainfall Statistics

YearJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Avg.
2016 189.6464.11284.7450.3952.615302832.63702.1806.880.2029.61026.88
2015 8191535.12325.9915440.41164.23864.13207.3861.4223.2136.3313.21317.09
2014 8061391.41381.8671.7768797.23218.52476.61243.8268.129.47461149.88
2013 920.92062.5833.3260.1322.13413.53292.83409.5927.5320.8189.7324.71356.45
2012 1369.1677.4413.1746.198.4326.73023.84360.42081.636.274.9368.21131.33
2011 390.11165.6650.3633.9606.42091.32491.743251450.990.55.4131.31169.37
Avg. 749.121216.021148.18612.85531.321553.823120.583580.151228.67169.8372.62318.83  

Shown here the statistics of Rainfall in Himachal Pradesh. You can compare the amount of yearly rainfall data using this chart. Also you can view the total annual average rainfall received for an year and compare its monthly statistics.