Annual Average Gazipur Rainfall Statistics

A graphical and tabular representation of annual amount of rainfall received in Gazipur. The data refers to details of Annual Average Gazipur Rainfall Statistics (in mm) calculated with the data for the period between 2011 to 2016 You can view here the monthly rainfall data of the district for the past five years.

The tabular column contains data-sets on the annual average rainfall statistics of Gazipur district. As per the statistics, Gazipur received the highest rainfall distribution of 446.3 mm in the month of July , 2016. The least rainfall was recorded during 2015, setting just 0.1 mm.

Yearly/Monthly Rainfall Data

YearJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec Avg.
2016 20.916.1039.390.3446.3168283.523.30089.14
2015 18.90.738.120.82.4165.7199.3262.65822.
2014 47.85630.9043.670.2199.6155.6148.671.400.968.72
2013 5.751.41.433.90150.2199.4251.4171.6217.20090.18
2012 22.71.713.75.8076.7178.7175.9199.760056.74
2011 002.40.90308.8202.7280.9177.400081.09
Avg. 16.1818.4517.110.2314.22143.65237.67215.73173.1356.730.220.17  

Shown the Annual Average Gazipur Rainfall Statistics Data. You can compare the amount of yearly rainfall data received between two or more years by using this chart. Also you can view the total annual rainfall received for an year and compare its monthly statistics.

Gazipur Rainfall Data: